The Lichen Flora of the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is a student led project designed to inform the general public about lichens at the Refuge, how to identify lichens, a bit on lichen biology, and some discussions about some of the ways that lichens can help local communities approach issues including air pollution and climate change.

The following section, entitled “Readings”, are discussions of the different chapters of the text book Lichen Biology, edited by Thomas Nash. They were written by myself, Nastassja Noell, when I was a post-bac lichenology student at Evergreen State College, but of course were entirely inspired by the information shared by the textbook; we might call these my interpretations of Nash et al.’s writings. I wrote the following posts with the hope that they would help make the concepts in lichenology more accessible to the non-scientific audience, but also advanced enough for biology students who are new to the field.


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